Thursday, August 9, 2007

If This Doesn't RoC Your Boat, We Don't Know What Will...

Applying for UN membership under the name "Taiwan", as opposed to "Republic of China (Taiwan)" isn't the only new approach you'll be seeing this year as Taiwan's government makes another go at equal international status. Taking alternative campaigning to the extreme, Taiwan's government has partnered up with the band ChthoniC—a Taiwanese melodic black metal group that has been referred to as "the Black Sabbath of Asia." ChthoniC recieved the Golden Music Award for Best Rock Group in 2003 and this year they are the first Asian band to tour with Ozzfest, the annual hard rock summer tour that is on the road until the end of August.

Combining their Ozzfest appearances with independent shows while they tour around the U.S. this summer, ChthoniC has created their own hybrid tour that goes by the handle "UNlimited Taiwan" (UN-limited Taiwan, get it?!). We're buying the T-shirt. One might question the effectiveness of such unconventional PR marketing when seeking membership in a world body such as the UN, but we urge you to consider comments posted on tour-related sites by enthusiastic new American fans saying things like, "i want to say that i am glad you are taking a stand against the U.N. for their abusive negelect to your home country. keep fighting and let them feel the power of the taiwanese typhoon!", and, "soon all will hail Taiwan, the Underworld, And ChthoniC". [ROC the Boat would like to remind you that we do not explicity endorse said hailing of the Underworld, nor the Over-, Middle-, or Netherworld for that matter]

For the UNLimited Taiwan tour, ChthoniC has released a single that goes by the same name and can be heard on their MySpace page. There is also a cool short film posted there that goes with the music.

We don't listen to much hardcore metal in our free time (bebop anyone?), but upon visiting ChthoniC's MySpace site and listening to some tracks, we were at least able to appreciate the group's originality in blending black metal with traditional Chinese instrumentation and Taiwanese folklore. So in that spirit, we leave you with this touching quote from the good folks at Rock My Monkey:

“If you love extreme music, but demand quality with the brutality, then check Chthonic out!”

Tawian was going to purchase 66 F-16 fighter jets from the U.S. - then they realized they could just add this guy (Jesse, The Infernal - guitar) to the payroll...

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