Friday, August 10, 2007

More ChthoniC Material

Michael Turton at The View From Taiwan hipped us to an NPR interview given by ChthoniC's lead singer Freddy Lim (Freddy, Left Face of Miradou) at affiliate station KQED in in Mountain View, CA. Here are a few words from the press release on ChthoniC's main page:

At the Mountain View, Calif. stop of the Ozzfest tour last month, National Public Radio affiliate KQED-FM interviewed the Taiwanese band ChthoniC, the first-ever Asian extreme metal act to take part in hard rock’s longest-running annual tour. The interview, which first aired on KQED’s nationally syndicated weekly “Pacific Time” program on Aug. 2, can be streamed on the station’s website...

...The seven-minute piece features vocalist Freddy Lim discussing the inspiration behind the group’s current “UNlimited Taiwan” tour, as well as interviews with a Taiwanese information minister and even several fans who attended the Mountain View Ozzfest.

Check it out:

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